Dragon Egg Galaxy Projector

Emitting Color:  Interstellar blue


This Dragon Egg did this...

"Welcome to the cosmic spectacle that will transform your space into a magical realm! Discover magic in its purest form with our Dragon Egg-shaped Stars and Galaxy Projector, a wonder that will bring stellar tranquility directly to your home.

Multicolor Music Star Projector

The combination of nebula and star lights can be lit alone or in combination (up to 14 colors), and the nebula flow projection creates a relaxing atmosphere, 4 speeds and brightness. High definition starry galaxy can be projected on the wall and ceiling, you will feel like you are traveling in the galaxy.

 Bluetooth Connecivity

After connecting the device via Bluetooth to turn it into a music player, play your favorite music. The lights will flash and dance to the rhythm of the music. We can open a small musical party!

White Noise in Nature

Not only night light but also white noise machine: The white noise machine is playing 19 music such as forest, birds, bonfire, train, rain, sea, etc. You can choose the one you want before going to bed to help you fall well into the beautiful starry sky.

Timer Function

Timer function and 2 modes: You can set the timer to 1h, 2h and 4h via the remote control or the buttons on the egg. The remote working range is within 5 meters. After enjoying the starry lights, you can put the case on the projector, it will become a warm night light