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High pressure piston!

✔  Adopt sliding ABS plastic handle, no need to worry about deformation and rusting
  Ergonomic design, large force area, comfortable to hold.
✔  Utilizes the power of high pressure compressed air to dislodge the toughest clogs in seconds
✔  Reusable for years of continuous use
✔  Flexible handle and actuation buttons for easy operation
✔  No need to call a plumber or use harsh chemicals.Main Features

Quickly Clears Clogged Toilets
Heavy-duty toilet plunger pushes air pressure up to 120 psi to help flush clogs in just seconds. Lighter and more effective than toilet screws.
TIPS: (Make sure the blowing up action is quick and continuous)

Save Time & Effort
Ergonomic handle design, more comfortable to use. Once inflated, press the button to easily clear pipes. No need to wait for a plumber or incur the expensive cost of unclogging pipes. This saves time and money.

Environmentally Friendly & High-quality Materials

  • The toilet plunger uses natural rubber to clean the pump without chemical hazards, avoiding the use of harmful chemicals that can corrode pipes or harm.
  • High quality materials ensure the good quality of the toilet plunger. Our toilet plunger is reusable and can be used for many years.

Easy to Use
Toilet plungers utilize the power of high pressure compressed air to dislodge the toughest clogs in seconds. Simply compress the air first and pull the trigger, the powerful toilet plunger clears clogs with ease. Much faster than traditional plungers and snake cleaners, saving you valuable time.

Splash Proof Tip
First cover the opening of the bathroom sink or pressure plug with plastic protective film, just leave space for the toilet plunger, you don't have to worry about splashing, rinse with water after use, remove the protective film and the toilet plunger.

Wide Range Of Applications

  • High resistance sealing plunger heads: Toilet heads, vanity heads, downspout heads, sinks
  • Suitable for unclogging all kinds of pipes: Toilets, floor drains, bathrooms, sinks, washbasins, vegetable basins, drains and so on.
  • Can deal with all kinds of clogging caused by different debris: Such as hair, cloth, tea, leaves, grease, oil and so on.



Material: ABS 

Color: Orange red

Product size: 67*11.5cm

Product weight: 345g

Package includes: 1 * High-pressure toilet unblocking a bulkhead