LED-Lichtleiste Mit Intelligentem Sensor

Lichtleiste-Farbe:  Silber
Lichts-Farbe:  Warmweiß
Erfassungsbereich:  30cm



Slim design

The ultra-thin design of the lamp body takes up very little space with a thickness of only 1cm. The stylish stripe design is suitable for any interior style.

Smart sensor

If you can't touch the lamp body with your hand, just stroke it with your hand and the lamp will turn on; The detection range of the human body is 120° and the detection range is 3/4 meters from the front.

Easy installation

Insert the two magnetic boards in the location you want to install and magnetically attract the wireless sensor light. If the battery is used up, you can turn off the night light and charge it using the USB charging cable.

Wide range of applications

LED lights are suitable for many occasions such as closets, hallways, stairs, basements, etc.


The color of the light: warm white, cool white

The color of the light bar: Silver, Black

Detection range: 30/40cm

Material: aluminum

Package Contents: 1* LED Light Strip With Intelligent Sensor


Please allow slight measurement deviation due to manual measurement

Due to the different monitor and light effect, the actual color of the item may be slightly different from the color shown on the pictures