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Color:  Black
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🎣Perfectly imitates a drowning fly with its amazing life-like body and action that makes it irresistible to fish!

Revolutionary High Simulation Design - Every angler has watched a horsefly or other winged insect struggle on the surface and get eaten by a bass or panfish, and The imitation of real flies according to 1:1 ratio replicates this exciting moment with a floating crankbait that looks just like a big fly, makes fish unable to distinguish the true and false flies, and easily fish on.

High-Tech Composites - The use of high-tech composites makes the fly's wing lines, leg and foot joints, and other details exactly like real flies. What's more, we have added fish attractants to attract fish even more!

Strong applicability - Can be used in different seasons and different environments to catch variety kinds of fish.

High Quality Fly Hooks- A high-quality fly hooks is very important for a good fly because inferior fishhooks can easily lead the fish to run away. OUR flies use customized hooks that are sharp, tough and light enough to make the lure present its best state.

EQUIPPED WITH STORAGE CASE: Each set of fishing hooks is equipped with a storage case to ensure that the hooks will not be lost or damaged, easy to carry and store, allowing you to enjoy the fun of fishing while staying neat and organised.

The Fish Is Waiting For You--This unique product in the world will surprise you. Take it home and prepare a big meal for the fish.


1/3 BOX (20 PCS) *  Simulated Flies Fishing Attractor Bait Hook